The Art Of Storytelling In Food Photography

The Art Of Storytelling In Food Photography

What is The Art of Storytelling In Food Photography?

The idea behind the art of storytelling in food photography is to create emotions between the food and the viewer. This can easily be done by adding irrational or elements of surprise. An example would be a specific prop like flowers in your food images. The aim is to evoke and recall some memories of your viewers and put them in the right emotional state in binding with your images and the food made. Food permeates all aspects of our life, including our identity and emotions. The choices we make offer incites about ourselves and our society.

art of storytelling in food photography

My Journey Into the Art of Storytelling in Food Photography

When I started my food photography journey, I was more focused on capturing the final dish only and with time I have come to appreciate the mess and beauty that happens in my kitchen when I bake and cook as well as including the actual ingredients used in the cooking. I have with time discovered all the beautiful stories I can create featuring  the ingredients and the mess.

art of storytelling in food photography


Another element of the art of storytelling in my food photography, is the process shots. They help the viewer visualize the recipes. The secret is to focus on key moments rather than taking shots of every step. For me food photography should take one on a journey of senses, of memory and of taste. The ultimate goal for a viewer is to go like, “hmmm, I want to eat that”. Bringing closure to the viewer with food photography, by building up their anticipation in how the dish comes together.

In Summary, what is a food story?

  1. A mood or feeling – For example a refreshing drink, a warm soup on a cold day
  2. An emotion you wish to trigger. – My mum’s recipe, a childhood treat
  3. A specialty that needs to be highlighted- ingredients, flavors, texture

Always ask yourself, what do you wish to highlight/ showcase when writing your story. I hope I inspire you to write more food stories. Check out my art of storytelling in this pasta recipe.

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