Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I’m Hellen- a visual story teller, photographer stylist and recipe developer.

I’ve always loved baking, cooking and experimenting in my kitchen and the reason I started this blog is to share my passion for everything healthy recipes ranging from plant-based, wholesome, nutritious and a little bit of sweet things.

When I started my food photography journey 2 years ago, all I focused on was capturing the final dish. Over the years I have fallen in love with story telling, capturing ingredients and the mess and beauty that goes on in my kitchen.

Besides sharing recipes, I have fallen in love with styling. I love to present my food in a way that is appealing to the eye using fresh fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables. I found that with food blogging you need good images, so I got myself a Canon Mirrorless Camera and started focusing on styling and photography more and more, and with baked things I’ve found that they’re easier to make pretty. People laugh when they see my camera as it’s mostly covered with flour!

I hope my passion for cooking and photography inspires you to make healthy decisions and to include more wholesome ingredients into your cooking.

You will find the cure for all your recipe hungers in this blog, from pastries to veggies to soups and meat. I hope I inspire you to cook more at home and put a little more effort in presenting your foods.

Love & Light,